INOVA Technical Innovation Centre Ltd.,

INOVA was founded on February 15th, 1965 by the original name “Zakład Doświadczalny” (ang. Research & Development Centre).Since the very beginning INOVA has been a part of KGHM Polish Copper Ltd. based in Lubin. On the 1st of January 1993 “Zakład Doświadczalny” was restructured as KGHM owned company. Beginning from the 1st of January 1996, 100% of share is owned by KGHM Ecoren S.A. (formerly DSI). On the 1st of December 2001, “Zakład Dośwaidczalny” was renamed as INOVA Technical Innovation Centre Ltd.
The capital stock of the company amounts to 6 600 000 PLN.

Organizational changes

As a result of the restructurization that underwent in the years 2006-2007 there has been a change in the organizational structure. Consequently, after assuming the leading activity and defining the directions of future development INOVA transformed into a specialized electrical engineering company. The trade offer of INOVA includes electrical engineering related products which are manufactured by four company’s departments.
1. Manufacturing Department along with its divisions

    • Manufacturing Division of Electrical Engineering Products
    • Manufacturing Division of Transformer Stations ITNG
    • Manufacturing Division of Automation Systems
    • Manufacturing Division of Electrical Circuits
    • Division of Advanced Technologies
    • Division of Auxiliary Manufacturing

2. Department of DOTRA Project Implementation
3. Department of Cap Lamps Room
4. Department of the Service of Seismic Stations
Additionally INOVA has its own Certification, Attestation and Expertise Office which renders services for industrial customers.

Contact: Office Dep.
phone 48 76 74-64-110. fax 48 76 74-64-100
mail: zarzad@inova.pl
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