PROTOS control system was designed to control such objects as conveyor belts, mining ventilators, pumping stations etc. The system utilises the latest advancements aiming to meet the demands of the clients and fulfill particular technical and business functions. PROTOS is characterised by high reliability and multiple functions. The high standard of operation is reached by the simple structure and wiring of the system, modularity of the system, low cost of installation and service and technical safety of the system. The use of easily programmable controller and transmission protocol in PROFIBUS DP format allows extending and modification of the control system.

PROMOS Plus Control system is an easily Programmable, Modular control System designed for controlling a variety of facilities and machines in the mining industry. Apart from the control aspects PROMOS Plus fulfils other functions required for the proper work of the mine. It supervises machines and assures communication and safety. PROMOS Plus is not limited to only single object controlling such as a conveyor, but it may be extended to control advanced and global systems to meet the demands of the mine. The modular and compact structure of the system’s components together with the communication bus assure easy and fast installation and very good reliability.

ZET, ZET-S, OKO – Control Systems of Brattice Stopping Electrical fitting of ventilation stopping brattice ZET was designed to provide regulated flow of air in the mining fields. These stoppings are successfully applied in big manufacturing halls and warehouses where there is special emphasis on safety and reliability. The quality of the system are accessible price and guarantee and post guarantee service provided by our company. Control box, switch-off subsystem, photoelectric components, flashing lights fotowith sound signaling, ending switch-offs. Apart from the electrical equipment of ventilation stopping presented in our offer there is a possibility of ordering a complete construction of a stopping according to dimensions required by the user

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