The Radio Monitoring And Remote Control System

The system is used for the remote control and radio monitoring of power supply and hydro-engineering facilities together with water intakes and other infrastructure ancillary devices with the use of MPT 1327 trunked radio system. Depending on the individual needs and existing conditions it is possible for our system to be configured and suited for an individual user. The visualization of the programme is based on I-Fix application. The system makes an ideal solution for distributed technical structure of the companies where traditional wire connections cannot be used. The radio communication system is considerably cheaper and easier for fast implementation.

  • Supply and installation of the monitoring system according to the client’s needs
  • Technical support and service for the above mentioned system
  • Advice and designing of the monitoring and remote control systems based on trunked radio-telephone networks

Contact: The Radio Monitoring And Remote Control System
phone 48 76 74-64-146. fax 48 76 74-64-100
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