Connection Terminal Set Type NZK 05

Connection terminal NZK configured to the client’s needs
Connection terminal NZK configured for other voltage ranges according to the client’s needs

Connection-terminal sets are designed to supply with electric power a self-propelled mining machines, fan powering sets, draining pumps and other electric mining equipment powered up from three-phase mine power distribution networks of 500V and with transformer’s insulated neutral point at the low voltage side (IT configuration) and continuous control of insulation.

  • Rated connecting and insulation voltage 500 V
  • Max continuous current of right through circuit 320 A
  • Max continuous current of outflow with power point 100 A
  • Metal case protection degree IP 54
  • Dimensions of the set with three outflows 1200 x 1105 x 272 [mm]

Contact: Electrotechnics Dep.
phone 48 76 74-64-158. fax 48 76 74-64-157
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