IN-RP4 Forehead Switchgear


  • electric switchgear for feeding the devices in mine headings
  • switchgear repair and service
  • free orientation wile operating

Technical data

  • Rated operational voltage 500V 50Hz
  • Control voltage 24V AC 50Hz
  • Maximum current of the pass-through conductor 315 A
  • Maximum current at one socket output 125 A
  • Maximum current at one strip output 63 A
  • Outputs
  • socket outputs: 2
  • strip outputs: 2
  • Dimensions [mm] 1000x1000x300
  • Housing protection factor IP 54

Operating conditions

  • Temperatura otoczenia 0°C ÷ 40°C
  • Wilgotność względna powietrza przy temp. +40°C 95%
  • Położenie robocze dowolne


IN-RP4 forehead switchgear is designed for power supply of self-propelled mining vehicles, ventilator sets and drainage pumps and other electrical mining devices connected to 500 V three-phase grid with insulated neutral point of the transformer at the low-voltage side (IT network) and permanent control of insulation status (system of earthing protection cables). Equipment of electrical circuits, among others, protects against the results of short-circuits and overloads and ensures light signaling of the presence of the voltage. The switchgear has 2 strip outputs and 2 socket outputs.

Contact: Electrotechnics Dep.
phone 48 76 74-64-158. fax 48 76 74-64-157
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