Transformer Station ITNG

Transformer stations ITN-G are designed to power electric devices with the voltage of 3x 500V 50 Hz with insulated neutral point and with the voltage 3x 220V with insulated neutral point. ITNG is produced in four versions marked 6/51 ÷ 6/54 with rated power 315kVA, 400kVA I 455kVA. Stations 6/051 and 6/052 are equipped with one output 500V with current up to 400A and two outputs 500V with current up to 200A whereas stations 6/053 and 6/054 are equipped with one output 500V with current up to 400A and one output 500V with current up to 300A. The outputs of the stations 6/054 are produced with engine protection ICOM P211 and remote control systems with signal-control panel. The remote control function of outputs enables the receivers to be powered without the use of additional control-power sets. Transformer stations can be applied in non-methane and methane mine headings with “a” level of explosion risk.


The station is mounted in a metal casing fixed to metal frame serving as a footing. Depending on the needs, the rail wheels or metal construction may be mounted.

Stations are designed to operate in the following conditions:

Operating conditions:

  • Ambient temperature from -10°C up to + 40°C
  • Relative humidity 93 ± 2 % in temp. 35°C
  • Max relative humidity at 25°C or at lower temperatures with steam condensation 100%

Technical parameters:

  • Input voltage 6000 V
  • Frequency 50 Hz
  • Short-circuit durability 18 kA
  • Base output voltage 525 V
  • Control voltage 24 V
  • Main transformer dry
  • Housing protection degree IP 54

Dimensions of the housing:

  • Length 2200 mm
  • Width 960 mm
  • Height 1300 mm
  • Total weight approx 2000 kg
  • CWUG approval number: GE-103/05 ÷ 114/05
Contact: Electrotechnics Dep.
phone 48 76 74-64-158. fax 48 76 74-64-157
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