Brattice Soppings and Auxiliary Equipment

Brattice stoppings are used to provide regulation of the flow of the air ventilating the mine excavations.

OKO automatic brattice

The latest product from INOVA Centrum Innowacji Technicznych Spółka z o.o. (INOVA Technical Innovation Centre Ltd.) in Lubin. In 2011, the prototype succeeded in tests underground at the mine. It was entered for production in 2012. The brattice won 1st place in the contest “Mistrz Techniki Zagłębia Miedziowego 2012” (Copper Basin Engineering Champion 2012).

Advantages over previous solutions:

  • permanent and effective seal of mine heading,
  • shortened opening/closing cycle enabling increase of the movement speed of underground machines,
  • improvement of the safety by application of modern control,
  • many technological solutions significantly improving operational safety and life of the brattice,
  • possibility of construction of the brattice in the dip-heading.

OKO brattice is produced for headings of set dimensions in the cross-section of 2.5 m x 4.5m to 3.0m x 5.0m. It is possible to adjust the dimensions to use’sr needs.

Automatic sliding brattice

Produced by INOVA Centrum Innowacji Technicznych Spółka z o.o. in Lubin for several years. It is the most commonly used brattice in Mining Divisions of KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. The brattice is produced in two driver versions:

  • motoreductor electric drive,
  • electro-hydraulic feed drive.
Contact: Mechanics Dep.
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