Products Certification Office

Products Certification Office (PCO), having Accreditation Certificate No 101 issued by Polish Centre for Accreditation, is a section authorised in Polish quality system. For certification can apply deliverers (producers, importers, installers, distributors) of products made in Poland and overseas, as well. On the base of audit results, BC testifies conformity with European Standards of the whole production process, (or separated elements) which entitles the producer to mark products with the CE mark. BC, being an independent accredited part, conduct product certification process in accordance with system 3, 1 a and 1b (ISO/IEC GUIDE 67:2004)

Certification process condacted under system 3 includes testing and factory surveillance. Factory surveillance is conducted and samples of the product from the point of production are assessed for ongoing conformity.

This certification system includes the following:

  • samples requested by the certification body,
  • determination of characteristics by testing or assessment,
  • initial assessment of the production process or the quality system, as applicable,
  • evaluation of the test and assessment reports,
  • decision on certification,
  • licence,
  • surveillance by testing or inspection of samples from the factory and assessment of the production process.

System 1a includes testing; samples of the product are assessed for conformity. The sampling may or may not be statistically significant of the entire population of product.
System 1b includes testing; samples of the product are assessed for conformity. The sampling covers the entire population of product. A certificate of conformity is given to each product represented by the sample.

In surveillence time owner of the certificate may apply for extension of validity or the skope of certificate. Certificate may by also withdraw or suspended – on deliverer application (in first case) or by BC.

Contact: Products Certification Office
phone 48 76 74-64-121. fax 48 76 74-64-100
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