iDOTRA Personnel and Vehicle Identification and Tracking System is meant to operate in the underground mining excavations and allows the improvement of both safety and productivity. System informs of presence of people and vehicles in zones demarcated by the readers. Information about people and vehicles is presented in real time in graphic form on the mine map.

RATRA – Rescue Radio Communication System system is designed for quick organization of autonomous radio communication at the place of rescue operation. Main task of RATRA system is to support actions taken in underground mine excavations, it may also be used in actions taken above the ground, particularly when other means of communication are unreliable or unavailable.

S-160 D Mine Shaft Radio Communication System is desgned for wireless transfer of verbal information between a hoisting machine operator or a cager working at the edge of the shaft and an operator of the mine-cage on any level within the shaft.

Trunked Underground Radio Communication System DOTRA is meant to operate in the underground mining headings and tunnels where traditional systems of communication cannot be used. The system allows communication between the handheld radios, vehicle mounted radios and base station radios. It is possible for the system to be connected to the telephone switch boards, which allows communication between handheld radios and traditional public desktop phones.

Trunked Underground Radio Communication System for Rescue Teams DOTRA-R is a fast way of organising an indepedent radio communication system in any place to assure full coordination of rescue teams. The system allows communicating between the headquarter and rescue teams performing rescue actions at the scene of disaster.

Trunked Radio Communication System LGOM-net of dispatcher’s type is based on the advanced microprocessor technology. The trunked communication is an ideal solution for companies whose employees work in the field and are constantly on the move.

The Radio Monitoring And Remote Control System is used for the remote control and radio monitoring of power supply and hydro-engineering facilities together with water intakes and other infrastructure ancillary devices with the use of MPT 1327 trunked radio system.

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