Trunked Underground Radio Communication System DOTRA

  • A ready-made and a complete communication system suited for the needs of clients
  • Technical advice, staff training and DOTRA system designing in defined localizationsconsidering the client’s needs
  • Components supplies for setting DOTRA system along with supervision over the installation and starting the system
  • Technical support and service for DOTRA system

Trunked Underground Radio Communication System DOTRA. The advanced underground radio system DOTRA is based on the system of leaky feeder cables and trunked radios.


DOTRA is meant to operate in the underground mining headings and tunnels where traditional systems of communication cannot be used. The system allows communication between the handheld radios, vehicle mounted radios and base station radios. It is possible for the system to be connected to the telephone switch boards, which allows communication between handheld radios and traditional public desktop phones.


By applying the trunked base station other devices working in the system are able to connect individually to every radio in the system. The system affords group calls, broadcast calls and sending short data messages (SMS). Apart from voice calls the system can be used for sending data and video signal from CCTV cameras. Data digital transmission offers radio remote control and monitoring of both movable and stationary objects as well as allows for tracking machines and personnel.


  • Max length of the antenna system for one base station approx 100 km
  • Frequency band UHF
  • Base station input voltage 230 V AC
  • Battery power supply up to 12 h
  • UPC power suppliers of the antenna system 127/230/500 V AC
  • Battery power supply up to 12 h
  • Antenna system operating voltage 24 V DC
  • Input voltage of base station radios 230 V AC
  • Input voltage of vehicle mounted radios 24/13,5 V DC

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