iDOTRA Personnel and Vehicle Identification and Tracking System

iDOTRA system comprises:

    • Employees’ personal tags built-in into miner’s lamps
    • Tags with autonomous supply mounted in mining vehicles
    • Collision detection systems mounted in mining vehicles
    • RFID readers (gates) mounted at borders of demarcated zones
    • Database servers collecting the data from readers
    • Visualization and data presentation software

Operation of the system consists in dividing the mine into the zones and informing the users of the number of machines and persons equipped with RFID tags being at the particular moment in each of demarcated zones, e.g. division, section, high rockburst hazard area.


iDOTRA Personnel and Vehicle Identification and Tracking System is meant to operate in the underground mining excavations and allows the improvement of both safety and productivity. System informs of presence of people and vehicles in zones demarcated by the readers. Information about people and vehicles is presented in real time in graphic form on the mine map.


An authorised user has current and historical information pertaining to the location of people in each zone. Each employee is identified by individual number. That enables the precise control of presence of the personnel in mine areas, which allows efficient support of rescue operation in the event of a disaster.

Equipping the vehicles with RFID tags enables their localization and identification within the zone border. It is possible to create typically technological zones which allows e.g. counting the number of passings of vehicles from the mine face to unloading place. iDOTRA visualization software helps in creation of machine operation reports fitted for user’s needs.

Collision detection system mounted in mining vehicles warns the vehicle operator about approaching person or vehicles equipped with the tag, by audible and acoustic signal. Collision detection system is particularly useful in vehicles with limited view from operator’s cab.

iDOTRA visualization software gives present information, in graphic and tabular form, about people and vehicles staying in each zone, including information about time of entering and leaving the zone. It is also possible to create reports based upon historical data.

iDOTRA system allows full integration with DOTRA radio communication system both in terms of power supply and data transmission. iDOTRA system can also operate autonomously, using power supply and media for data ransmission available in the mine.

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