RATRA – Rescue Radio Communication System

RATRA Rescue Radio Communication System is portable solution of communication for coordination of action of rescue teams at the place of rescue operation.


RATRA system is designed for quick organization of autonomous radio communication at the place of rescue operation. Main task of RATRA system is to support actions taken in underground mine excavations, it may also be used in actions taken above the ground, particularly when other means of communication are unreliable or unavailable.


System enables establishing communication between operation headquarter, head of the base down in the mine and rescue teams equipped with handheld radiotelephones. Characteristic feature of RATRA system is the possibility of connection with the headquarter above ground by the use of company telephone exchange, dedicated one pair cable or STAR alarm-broadcasting system. RATRA system is equipped with independent battery power supply, which
enables continuous work for minimum 12 hours with primary set of batteries and with the possibility of connecting external batteries, which allows supply of the system for the whole time of rescue operation. Radios used in RATRA system also enable operation in DOTRA trunked underground radio communication system and beyond the systems – on open channel.


RATRA System comprises the following components:

  • Manipulator – designed for installation in the base of rescue operation down in the mine. It serves for establishing voice communication with operation headquarter above ground and, through the retransmitter, for establishing connection with rescue teams.

  • Retransmitter – a device operating as radio interface between manipulator and the radios.

  • External batteries – for prolongation of time of supply autonomy of manipulator or retransmitter.

  • Radios – each of team leaders has a radio enabling radio communication with the base. Radio may be equipped with headset with microphone allowing communication with the rescuer wearing the oxygen respirator.

  • Antenna system – depending on the needs and conditions at operation place, it is possible to use various antennas: omnidirectional, directional, leaky feeder cables as well as connecting particular antennas to ensure effective propagation of radio waves in rescue operation area.

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