Trunked Radio Communication System LGOM-net

  • Supply, complete installation and starting of the trunked radio communication systems
  • Providing telecommunication services under trunked LGOM-net network in Głogów – Legnica copper mining area
  • Advice and designing of trunked radio communication systems

The trunked radio communication system of dispatcher’s type is based on the advanced microprocessor technology. The trunked communication is an ideal solution for companies whose employees work in the field and are constantly on the move. In such case there is always a need to maintain communication with workers e.g. special forces, technical service, transportation and construction site personnel. Trunked communication is especially reliable in the extreme and emergency situations because it can be replaced with other radio communication systems such as public GSM network. The radio channel is allocated to a subscriber for the duration of the call. Every network user has its own individual number which makes the talk private. The called party apart from the acoustic signal also receives information about the caller. In case of momentary absence of the user by the phone the information about the call is stored in memory. We provide telecommunications services under LGOM-net and offer complete radio communication systems for the end user. We assure full guarantee and post guarantee service as well as provide technical advice about optimalising the system.


  • MPT 1327 standard (generally accepted European standard enabling the use of radios of different manufacturers)
  • operating frequency band – UHF band (channels allowing good signal strength in highly urbanized and industrialized areas)
  • radio coverage – LGOM area (or adopted to the needs of the client in case of own network)


  • desktop radio
  • vehicle mounted radio
  • handheld radio
  • dispatcher’s terminal (computer management terminal)


  • individual calls
  • group calls
  • conference calls
  • assigning priorities
  • dialing priorities
  • imposing restrictions
  • data transmission
  • radio dynamic regrouping
  • alarm calls
  • full system control
  • caller identification
  • diagnostic parameters visualization
  • monitoring and remote control.

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