Trunked Underground Radio Communication System for Rescue Teams DOTRA-R

DOTRA-R is a fast way of organising an indepedent radio communication system in any place to assure full coordination of rescue teams. The system allows communicating between the headquarter and rescue teams performing rescue actions at the scene of disaster. Another function of DOTRA-R is the possibility of connecting the system to the telephone switch board, which offers an opportunity to make calls between the underground radios and traditional desktop phones. The world’s best Mine-Metallurgy Rescue Team in the town of Sobin uses DOTRA-R.

The Underground Radio Communication System DOTRA-R for Rescue Teams is a portable system designed to operate in areas with poor radio frequency propagation such as mining headings, shafts, tunnels and manufacturing halls. The complete system is composed of a portable base station, antenna system, base and handheld radios. Depending on the needs and existing conditions in the place of performing the rescue action, there can be applied different kinds of antennas: directional antennas, omni directional antennas or leaky feeder cables. By connecting different antennas in one system it is possible to assure relevant radio coverage for rescue actions.

The base station is equipped with dual power supply which in case of external power failure allows for continuous work for 12 hours with one set of batteries. When the system is on it is possible to connect another external set of batterieswithout interrupting communication. This solution offers uninterrupted workfor indefinite time.

Contact: DOTRA-R System
phone 48 76 74-64-147. fax 48 76 74-64-100
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